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Purple Evening Bags

Both exotic and alluring, purple evening bags are just what the “look of luxury” ordered for the evening!  Purple is a color that is both warm and cool.  Purple evening bags go well with dresses that have some of its contrasting shades like: wine, mulberry, deep dark violet, indigo, orchid, amethyst, eggplant, mauve, puce, pomegranate, plum, lavender, lilac and magenta!  The “Samira” and the “Freja” are evening bags that the creators of ensure will compliment your purple attire to the hilt!  These bags have designs that are fully-beaded and lined up with spicy patterns, which not only adds “pizzazz,” but adds a polished off flair to evening nightwear!  Hot and spicy, anything in Purple is sure to make an evening event a night of glimmering royalty! 


A wonderful piece of art. Brought together by a comination of beads and sequins assorted on a pattern. Sharon is exactly what you need if what you like is to draw the attention of the most curious eye.
Size: 4 in. by 10 in. by 2 in.
Price: $84.00


An artsy assortment of Beads over the soft fabric of this beautiful and carefully crafted evening bag is just what you were looking for your next evening night out. Adriana is what every woman deserves to complement that gorgeous dress and to impress everyone around you.
Size: 5.5 in. by 8 in. by 2.5 in.
Price: $84.00


This fully beaded bag with beautiful line patterns will certainly add spice to your night! You will be the center of attention! It fits in every season
Size: 4 in. by 8.5 in. by 2 in.
Price: $42.00


Add lots of spices to your night with this evening bag by Carlo Fellini. Its a great bag full of beads with a beautiful beaded handle.
Size: 5 in. by 10 in. by 2 in.
Price: $49.00

Eva Maria

This Rhinestone closure Gathered bag will add an elegant polish to your formal ensemble.The bag includes a delicate chain shoulder strap and a snap closure jeweled top
Size: 5 in. by 8 in. by 2 in.
Price: $35.00
$36.00 – $38.00


Diamond designed clutch with a rhinestone-encrusted latched top. Simple yet glamorous
Size: 5 in. by 9.5 in. by 2.5 in.
Price: $36.00 – $38.00
N 016_1_1.jpg


This small cute clutch is quite popular for how roomy and easy it is to carry .Dance the night away while keeping your belongings right next to you and without getting in your way!
Size: 5 in. by 6.5 in. by 2.5 in.
Price: $32.00
$28.00 – $30.00
N 018_1_1.jpg


This soft evening clutch has a gathered design along the front with a rhinestone-encrusted silver bow latch topping off the framed top. Sweet and elegant.
Size: 4.5 in. by 11 in. by 3 in.
Price: $28.00 – $30.00


A Classic Pleated bag part of Nitebags by Carlo Fellini Collection, Arlova is the right choice if you like to carry more than the essentials with you. Its metalic frame and the neatly pleated fabric will add that extra touch of classic and sophistication to those lovely evenings!
Size: 5 in. by 11 in. by 2 in.
Price: $39.00


Chiffon strips attached to fishnet fabric in such a way that it's barely noticeable. Kelsey gives the word sophistication a totally new different meaning. While conserving the frame and shape of our most popular-classic bags, Kelsey delivers everything all the astoundings features of classic and modern fashion. Is a MUST for every girl's collection
Size: 5.5 in. by 10.5 in. by 2.5 in.
Price: $37.00


Because class and glamour is the aim of every woman. There's nothing like going back to basics. Brianne feats a well put together combination of crystals and stones at top of a fine pleated satin fabric that complement one another perfectly. No need for hours of your day to look for the perfect classy bag. Brianne it's just what you need!
Size: 4 in. by 9 in. by 2.5 in.
Price: $44.00


Two toned satin
Size: 4.5 in. by 10 in. by 2 in.
Price: $44.00


A true classic on its shape and layout. Inti will shine like the sun on any special event, party, gala you name it! A modern design that consists of aligned symetrical fabric ribbons on the edges and a perfectly matches metalic framework and embellished snap lock, Inti is a true beautiful companion, Treat yourself to one for your collection or spread the love to your friends, In the end you will never go wrong with a Carlo Fellini Bag
Size: 5 in. by 9.5 in. by 3 in.
Price: $39.00
N 8051_1_1.jpg


This unique evening bag with a beaded handle will complement your outfit and make your evening a night to unforgettable.Its Constructed with gathered fabric, the elegant handbag includes a kiss lock closure, and it opens up to reveal room to store all your make up,lotions and ointment!
Size: 5.5 in. by 7.5 in. by 3 in.
Price: $27.00
$22.00 – $26.00


This clutch by Nitebags is a great match for a remarkable night! It is two toned and pleated to help match your dress! Open it up to reveal a shoulder chain, but of course it can also be used as a clutch with a perfect red carpet look.
Size: 4 in. by 10.5 in. by 1.5 in.
Price: $22.00 – $26.00


This is THE unforgettable handbag of the year!. This a must have to your collection of special occasions , this bag is really something special. Details of a Fully Floral Beaded pattern, and it also has a pretty pattern in the back!
Size: 4.75 in. by 11 in. by 3 in.
Price: $58.00